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Civil Court Records
Number of Petitions for Protection against Domestic, Dating, Repeat or Sexual Violence filed in Pinellas County. Commonly called "Restraining Orders."

Mortgage Foreclosure Statistics

Dissolution of Marriage Statistics
Commonly called "Divorces."

Recording Services


NOTE:  All traffic statistic totals are in terms of fiscal (Oct – Sept) for the year presented and do not reflect the calendar year.  Also, statistic reports are recompiled each time the report is accomplished.  This means that previously reported numbers may vary from statistics run at a different time due to corrections made to records to account for voided or legally sealed or expunged records.  Official counts for citations reported may be obtained from DHSMV website at: and selecting the Annual Uniform Traffic Citation Statistics option, the year of the report you are requesting information on and the county (Pinellas).

Ken Burke, Clerk of the Circuit Court
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