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Florida Permitless Carry Law

Our office has partnered with the Pinellas County Sheriff's Office to stop the spread of misinformation and provide citizens with the facts regarding the new Florida Permitless Carry Law. Watch the video to learn more about what the law does and doesn't allow. Click here to Visit the PCSO website and review their Myth Vs. Fact sheet.

Property Fraud Alert

Property Fraud Alert Subscription Service

Did you know our office offers a free Property Fraud Alert Subscription service? Sign up today to be notified whenever documents are recorded in your name. Click here to begin receiving alerts! 


New Pinellas Clerk Website

Beginning January 9, 2023, the Pinellas Clerk's office is transitioning to a new website, During this transition, links associated with our website will be gradually altered to reflect this change. When you correspond with the clerk's office via email, you will notice that emails from our office will also end in Should you have any questions regarding the legitimacy of correspondence from our office, contact our customer information center at (727) 464-7000.



High Profile Cases

21-01099-cf State of Florida vs. Whitfield, Cornelius Trevon

21-01513-cf State of Florida vs. Whitfield, Cornelius Trevon

22-09348-cf State of Florida vs. Molina-Salles, Juan Ariel

23-02935-cf State of Florida vs. Kosowski, Tomasz Roman