New Website

Redesigned With You In Mind

Pinellas Clerk Website Redesign is Citizen Focused

"Responsive, in more ways than one," that was the driving force behind the Pinellas Clerk's newly redesigned website which launched on August 6th. “With the new platform, citizens can find the information they need, with less hassle,” stated Ken Burke, Pinellas County Clerk of the Circuit Court and Comptroller. “Citizens spoke up and we made every effort to incorporate their feedback as we worked on the redesign process.”

More than just easy on the eyes, the new site offers increased visibility of Clerk services and improved user experience with the integration of various upgrades including:

  • Better navigation due to streamlined menus and simplified content
  • Search function for content related searches (excluding case information)
  • Responsive design for better viewing experience on all platforms (desktop, laptop, tablet, smart phone, etc.)

In keeping with the Clerk’s fiscal responsibility for citizen tax dollars, the website redesign was done exclusively by in-house staff. “Keeping costs to a minimum is an absolute must especially during an era plagued by budget cuts affecting Clerks statewide,” Clerk Burke explained. “Much gratitude is extended to the staff who invested their time and effort on this large scale project for the benefit of our customers, both internal and external.”

Citizens are encouraged to explore the new site and submit feedback as the Clerk’s office continues to make site improvements to meet the needs of the community. For questions or comments, call (727) 464-7000.